Welcome to FNI’s Tampa Studio Page

Led by FNI President Prakash Nair, the Tampa Studio leads both Florida projects and international projects. Prakash also writes book and articles about innovative school design, and attends speaking engagements around the world.

Current & Recent Projects:

Academy of the Holy Names, Tampa; Boulder Valley School District Innovation Consulting, Boulder, CO; Emerald Elementary School, Boulder, CO; Erie School, Boulder, CO; Bancroft Elementary School, Washington, DC; Anne Frank Inspire Academy, San Antonio, TX; Bloomfield Hills High School, Bloomfield Hills, MI International School of Düsseldorf, Düsseldorf, Germany; International School of Brussels, Brussels, Belgium; Independent International School in Singapore

What’s the Tampa Studio Talking About Now?

The studio is also the hub of FNI Human Resources, and is proud of the progressive growth of FNI as a firm.

Studio Members and Links to Bios

Prakash Nair | Gayle Johnson

Contact Us Here:

16609 Blenheim Drive, Lutz, Florida 33549, USA, Mobile: +1 917 406 3120 Tel: +1 718 520 7318 Email: Prakash@FieldingNair.com