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We have been recently selected as the planning and design consultants for the following projects. Significantly, our firm has expanded its reach with work at the national level in Azerbaijan and the Cayman Islands, district-wide levels in Victoria, Australia, Rhode Island and Florida.

The projects in Wyoming, USA and Phuket, Thailand involve the development of a master plan for a whole new community that integrates learning seamlessly from home to neighborhood to school. The Cayman Islands, Detroit and Victoria projects are being developed on a national/regional scale and are an integral part of bold, new educational reform initiatives by the government.

All the projects are noted for their highly innovative education approach. Projects in the Cayman Islands, Detroit and Victoria are utilizing the school building process as an important catalyst to completely revamp educational practice. A majority of the projects on the list are utilizing our unique Educational Facilities Effectiveness Instrument (EFEI). Duke School which began as a “lab school” associated with Duke University 40 years ago is working with usto create a model school for the 21st century. We have been recruited to ensure that these “new paradigm” schools and/or school development programs can help create facilities that fully support each community’s strong student-centered educational mission.

  • The Cayman Islands – Planning & Design Consultation for 3 New High Schools; Master Planning for all schools in the Country; Comprehensive Professional Development for teachers; Assessment of the Tertiary Education Facilities; EFEI Assessment of all schools in the country

  • Sinarmas Group, Jakarta, Indonesia – New International K-12 school for 1,300 students

  • Middletown Schools, Rhode Island – District-wide master planning for all schools in the district

  • Detroit Public Schools – Curriculum Management Planning, EFEI Assessment across the school district

  • New Zealand Ministry of Education – Pilot EFEI Assessment Program with potential to be scaled up nationally

  • Porirua College near Wellington, New Zealand: New school for community with majority Maori and Pasifika population

  • Broward County Career/Adult Education – Development of district-wide standards

  • Country of Azerbaijan – Development of national school facilities standards

  • Bendigo, Victoria, Australia: Planning and Design Consultation services for 4 new high schools

  • Western Heights College, Victoria, Australia – New consolidated campus for college with an integrated Community Center in Geelong

  • Broadmeadows, Victoria, Australia – Master Planning work for the Region + Planning and design consultation work for two primary schools and two secondary schools

  • Horizons Learning Community – New learning community of homes, a town center and a learning center for pre-K through 12th grade students in Phuket, Thailand

  • Mayfield Primary School – Redevelopment of an existing primary school as a world-class learning community in Launceston, Tasmania

  • Rocherlea Primary School – Redevelopment work to renovate and upgrade an existing school in Launceston, Tasmania

  • Bramha Valley School – Set on a beautiful hillside overlooking a pristine lake in Munshi Valley, Pune, India

  • Greater Good Academy – Master planning for new campus

  • Rafflles Girls School – Futures workshop as a prelude to the development of a new campus for this prestigious school in Singapore

  • Tsunami Reconstruction – Vocational Schools in Sri Lanka

    • multiple facilities, up to 14 schools, emphasis on sustainable architecture

  • Dalyellup Secondary College – New Government School in Western Australia

  • Scotch Oakburn College, Tasmania, Australia, New Middle School, Senior Student Center and Physical Education Center

  • Australia/Singapore: Planning & Design Workshops on the Development of New Paradigm School Facilities for government departments in Tasmania, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and the Ministry of Education, Singapore

  • Kingston High School: Project Consultation Work and feasibility study for the relocation of Kingston High School to a new Greenfield site

  • Albuquerque: Planning Workshops for a new High School in Albuquerque, New Mexico

  • Los Lunas: Planning workshops for a new primary school in New Mexico

  • Streetsboro Ohio: Educational Master Planning Consultation Services for new Mixed Use Town Project in Streetsboro, Ohio

  • New College, University of Southern Florida – University Housing & Student Center

  • Whitney Village, Wyoming – Planning and design for new mixed use residential community where learning is the central theme

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