Randall Fielding


Featured Speaker: Empowering Learnings by Design, UDL-IRN International Summit, San Francisco, April 8-9, 2020

Keynote Speaker: Design for Learning in the Age of AI, EdNorth, Twin Cities Startup Week, Minneapolis, October 16, 2019

Keynote Speaker: Design for Learning in the Age of AI, Progressive Education Network Conference, Minneapolis, October 4, 2019

Featured Speaker: Using Design Thinking to Reimagine Education, Envision 2030: Leadership for Learning, CoSN, Portland, April 3, 2019

Keynote Speaker: Co-creating: Design for Modern Learners, Steelcase Global Ed Conference, Grand Rapids, 2018

Keynote Speaker: Design For Learning in the New China, Yew Chung Education Foundation, Hong Kong, 2017

Keynote SpeakerRedefining Schools of the Future, EdTech Leadership Summit, Toronto, 2017

Keynote Speaker: Enabling Learning Environments, A Beautiful Whole, The Manitoba Association of School Superintendents Conference, Winnipeg, 2015

Featured Speaker: The Society for College and University Planning Conference, Des Moines, 2015

Featured Speaker: Hawaii Schools Of The Future Conference, Honolulu, 2014

Featured Speaker: “Constructing Learning, Constructing Learning Spaces,” The Association for the Advancement of International Education (AAIE), 2014

Featured Speaker: Leveraging the Physical Environment to Improve Learning, TIES 2013 Education Technology Conference, Minneapolis, 2013

Keynote Speaker: Celebrating Learning Spaces, EdCamp MN, Hamline University, 2013

Keynote Speaker: The Dynamics of Authentic Change, CEFPI Pacific Northwest Region, Regina, 2013

Keynote Speaker: Creativity & Transformation, The Council of Educational Facility Planners International, Kelowna, British Columbia, 2012

Featured Speaker: Design for a Global Learning Network, CEFPI Symposium, Honolulu Hawaii, 2012

Featured Speaker: Post Secondary Educational Design, National School of Business Management, Sri Lanka, 2012

Keynote and Workshop Facilitator, Designing Multi-Use Facilities, Mississauga, Ontario, 2011 Keynote Speaker: Schools for the Future of Our Communities, the AIA Portland Symposium, Architecture + Education Symposium, 2011

Featured Speaker: Curriculum Mapping for School 2.0 – An Essential Planning Tool, Council of Educational Facility Planners International, 87th Annual Conference, San Jose, California, 2010

Featured Speaker: Designers as Change Agents, CUSP Annual Conference on All Things Design, Chicago, 2010

Keynote Speaker on Education, Design, and Innovation, Södertälje and Nacka, Sweden, 2010

Keynote Speaker, Design for the Creative Age, Columbus, Ohio, 2010

Invited Speaker on Technology, Innovation, and Education, Word Innovation Summit in Doha, Qatar, 2009

Invited Speaker on Design for Transformation in Learning, Microsoft Schools of the Future Summit, Seattle, 2008

Keynote Speaker , Innovative School Design, Microsoft Corporation, Oulu, Finland, 2007

Innovative Schools in UK, Australia and the Cayman Islands, CEFPI Toronto, 2007

The Language of School Design: Design Patterns for 21st Century Schools, CEFPI, Olympia, Washington, 2007

Best Practice in Action: Six Essential Elements that Define Tomorrow’s Schools, The Council of Educational Planners International, Phoenix, 2006

Facility Design Guidelines for the Global Economy, Azerbaijan Ministry of Education, 2006

Learning by Design, Architect’s Forum, Department of Education and Training, Victoria, Australia, 2006

Vocational Training Center Design, Sri Lanka Tsunami Reconstruction Program, US Aide for International Development, Colombo, 2006

Impact on Learning School Facilities, A New Language for Planning and Designing Tomorrow’s Schools, keynote presentation, Austin, 2005

Research-Based School Design, The European Council of International schools, Prague, 2005

Beyond the Knowledge Economy, School Design in the Age of Innovation, keynote presentation, KnowledgeWorks Foundation, 2004 Design Patterns for Innovative Learning Communities, keynote presentation, LETA, Adelaide, Australia, 2004

Designing Schools for the Age of Creativity, keynote presentation and workshop, Singapore Ministry of Education, 2004

Innovative Learning Spaces in Higher Education, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia, 2004

Design for Project-Based Learning, AIA conference Los Angeles, 2003

Key Ideas from DesignShare UNESCO/UIA international conference, Porto, Portugal, 2001 & Santiago, Chile 2003

Ecological Systems and High Performance School, Presentation and course facilitation, University of Wisconsin, 2003

Patterns in Educational Facility Design, CEFPI Vancouver, Canada, 1999

The Effects of Brain-compatible Learning on Facilities, CEFPI Minneapolis, 1998 Community Involvement in Master Planning, CEFPI, Texas, 1995


Jay Litman


(Partial List)

February 2017 – AAIE Annual Conference, San Francisco: “From the Ground Up” The Genesis of the new International School of Kazan
Presented by Jay and Niyaz Gaffiyatullin, ISK Director

March 2017 – Education Russia, Kazan, Tatarstan – Regional conference: How to Design Schools Kids Love and Don’t want to Leave!
Jay was one of 7 presenters, Audience was 350