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YCIS Beijing, September 21, 2018

Over the summer our Year 1 classrooms were knocked down. In their place, an open plan, flexible, free-flowing space took shape. We speak to Mr James Sweeney, Head of Primary, about the changes.
Please introduce the changes that have been made to Year 1’s learning spaces over the summer.

Before the summer, Year 1 were taught in traditional segregated classrooms. Head up there now and you will find a wide open space and sliding partitions. Throughout the day, the partitions open and close to accommodate the movement of staff and students. It has been equipped with new furniture and resources and state of the art technology.

This is what we call a “Learning Community”. Several Year 1 classes occupy a singular space, and teachers collaborate to mix up student groups and utilise different areas. Teaching becomes varied, personalised and adaptable, and students are presented with different ways to learn throughout the day.

We involved educational space design specialists Fielding Nair International (FI) to create this space – as we have done with our ECE and Y3-5 Learning Communities. They have much experience in renovating schools to support the values of 21st century teaching.

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