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“The Chappaqua School District is fortunate to have passed funding to not only redevelop the way they look at their approach to the curriculum but to redesign their schools to help facilitate new ways in which to learn. I was introduced to Chappaqua through Fielding International, a world class architectural firm specializing in designing spaces for new education. They are in the process of re-imagining the districts learning spaces. The firm is tearing down walls and making collaborative spaces, cross functional learning areas and giving tools for hands-on learning with a maker’s mentality. They have just begun the process, but what I saw was amazing. Kids were collaborating and setting their own challenges with teachers helping facilitate. Spaces that are open, flexible and comfortable. Places for peer to peer conversations and cozy collaboration rooms. I didn’t feel as if I were in a high school, but rather a contemporary start-up business space. I wanted to learn there!”

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