methodology diagram


FI worked with the Mayor’s office to create a Working Group Advisory Committee that was inclusive of all key stakeholder groups. This group of 15-20 met throughout the process with the Master Planning Team to review key data, provide perspective on strategies considered, and advise on issues relevant to their stake in the process. The Master Planning Team established a communications schedule which outlined key moments of stakeholder engagement, working group advisory committee meetings, community engagement efforts for other school related projects and key external online communications. Before beginning data collection or analysis, the Master Planning Team engaged in a comprehensive “listening tour” which began with interviewing elected representatives in every ward of the city. The team then identified all key stakeholder groups based on the input from meeting with elected officials and held further meetings to understand their hopes and concerns. The Master Planning Team also engaged a full service public relations firm to manage press relations and develop messaging for officials across agencies, so that the District could speak with one voice. FI’s ability to visualize complex data, processes, issues, along with our GIS and mapping abilities contributed graphics and documents that were easy to understand by government officials and students alike.